Issues worth fighting for…

Jobs and Economy
State economic policies affect all Iowans. As a small business owner for over 23 years, Jim believes job creation and economic development are top priorities. Iowa ranks 40th in business climate nationally largely due to the some of the highest corporate tax rates and burdensome red tape. Iowa needs a level playing field with our neighbors. Jim believes lower corporate tax rates, free competitive markets and a simplified regulatory climate will attract new business investment and foster growth. He will work hard to bring about change in taxes, regulation, promote Iowa’s workforce and maintain Iowa’s status as a “Right to Work” state.

Limited government and taxes

Jim knows from his personal experience in the private sector how hard Iowans work to provide for themselves and their families. Iowa has some of the highest personal income tax rates in the nation. He will fight to help taxpayers keep more of the money they earned and as a state representative, Jim will be vigilant advocate for sound budgeting practices and fiscal discipline to limit the size of government.

Jim believes that every child in Iowa should receive a first rate education. He has raised three children in Sioux City through public and private school and has served as a private school board member. Jim believes that communities and the local school board are in a better position to assess community tax and spending issues than the state and federal government because they understand where the needs are. He supports policies that empower parents to direct their children’s education through vouchers/tax credits and communities to make decisions at the local level to best prepare our children to compete in a global economy. As a state representative, he will support legislation that empowers parents and communities to oversee the education of children.

Life and Family Values

Jim helped to found and works for the “The Giving Exchange,” a nonprofit which provides self-sustaining infrastructure to orphans in need. He believes every unborn child has a right to life. He believes marriage, as a matter of his faith, is a union between one man and one woman. As a state representative, he will work tirelessly to protect the right to life for all people from conception to natural death and to support traditional family values